Coming Back Soon

I apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I haven't become lazy but as you all know, or if you didn't know, I have a beauty website as well that takes up most of my time. We have an excellent web designer who will be redesigning the whole site next week and that should be complete within about 2 weeks or so. Hopefully once the site has had it's face lift, which by the way it was long overdue for one, I can devote more time to this blog. Thank you so much for being patient with me and I hope to see you all soon.
If you don't find me here, then you will find me on:
The Makeup Divas


cuttibebe said...

i just added my email addy in the profile section... i wasn't planning on going forward with the blog, but it seems to be a good idea, now that i can't stop blogging. can't wait to see your babies!

Elana said...

Love the new look! Between here and your other site, I can imagine that you're one busy lady ;)

cuttibebe said...

Hi there, yes you may post up the link to my blog. I shall do the same too. Also I signed up for your forum!

cuttibebe said...

No I didn't see the pictures! Did you send them to me? Or posted it somewhere? I've always wanted a Bichon as my first dog, but we settled for a Shih Tzu. I can't wait to see them..!

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