Exclusively Online! New Shu Crystal Shine

New Crystal Shine lipstick from Shu Uemura is a feather light formula that will melt on your lips and is activated by the lips' temperature, wrapping them in a delicate veil of comfort.
- Exclusive hybrid pigments - vivid and pure shades un-replicated by others
- High color fidelity - truest color payoff
- Spectral Booster - Crystal-like shimmering light and dimensional shine
- Available in 17 shades, including 1 artists shade
Shu Uemura


absolutelytrue said...

Love your blog. I'm really into lip gloss at the moment. Have you ever tried lipfusion? I searched and didn't see a post on it. I just have to tell you that I've tried all lip plumpers and this one really works. The color is very sheer though, so you can go with a darker shade than you think you can.

MuDiva said...

No I haven't but I have heard it works. I was tempted the other day at Ulta to pick it up but decided I would try it the next time I was there. Thanks for rec.

A.N said...

Nice beauty blog you've got!
Shu Uemura never fails, I must admit, I never like overly glossy lipgloss, but this one somehow intrigues me.

Btw, I own a fashion blog, I do post beauty stuff as well. Feel free to check it out.


absolutelytrue said...

I've gotten a lot of new shades of it on Ebay actually, it's about half price there! :) Love it!

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