Buddha Balm Lip Balm Review

Buddha Balm has created a concoction that has revolutionized the “lip balm” industry! Buddha Balm, as they call it, is described as “a moisturizing Soy lip balm to soften and protect lips with natural ingredients and sun protection.” So not only does it moisten and protect the lips, but it’s also made with completely organic ingredients! That in itself is a definite plus. Why put something harmful on your lips when there’s a risk-free natural balm on the market?

Buddha Balm comes in 8 flavors: root beer, grape soda, cream soda, cherry cola, watermelon, cherry vanilla, grapefruit and strawberry. Out of these eight I tried the grapefruit, strawberry, chery cola and cream soda flavors. They are packaged in the most adorable retro slider tins just like the Lip Smacker tins from the 70's and 80's. My favorite lip balm flavor of these would have to be either “Cherry Cola” or “Strawberry.” Each of these does the same thing to moisten your lips while providing a refreshing flavor change. Personally, I have somewhat of an issue with chapped lips, but hated using anything with that “greasy” feeling. Fortunately, Karma Creatives provided a balm that feels comfortable and smooth against my lips which, at the same time, cures the whole “chapped lips” problem.

Buddha Balms have been blowing out at Urban Outfitters nationally and over 500 top specialty stores like Kitson, Planet Blue, Ricky's NYC chain, Planet Beauty chain, The W Hotels and The Hard Rock Hotel and Palms Hotels in Las Vegas.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using Buddha Balm, and I’m positive anyone else who uses this product will too!

In addition to their deliciously silky balms, Buddha Balm also has “Karma in a Can” sprays that soothe and refresh the skin. Recently, I was out in the sun a wee bit too long…(a couple of hours, actually, and yes I had my sunscreen on but...) As a result, I became a little sunburned. I tried every product I could find in the house (mostly lotions and creams), and remembered Buddha
’ Herbal Aloe spray. And take my word for it—when I sprayed this on the most painful areas of my sunburn, I felt instant relief! This cool, refreshing mist gave me the physical “boost” I was looking for.

Of course, with the “Buddha Balm” label comes the signature natural ingredients which enhance and nourish the skin. “Ginseng, rose, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, aloe, and green tea” are the natural herbs used to create this spray, all providing the same refreshing outcome.

Not only does this spray refresh the skin, but it also has a pleasant fragrance that’s not too perfume-like, but not so diluted that it’s odorless. (Of course, the sprays come in assorted scents, but work the same way.) Anyone can use this spray for any occasion (special or just ordinary) at all.

Once again, Buddha Balm’ has both amazed and aided skin-care devotees with their all-natural creations.



Born out of a moment of enlightenment, BUDDHA BALM® is a premium handcrafted lip balm that contains powerful healing and protective properties that are as good for the soul as they are for the lips. Boasting a mix of unique and enduring flavors - Lychee Pomegranate, Burnt Sugar Fig, Mandarin Orange Ginger and Crushed Mint Pineapple– BUDDHA BALM gracefully glide on lips, providing robust flavor, lasting moisture and unparalleled protection.
Rich in vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids, BUDDHA BALM is always petroleum, preservative and paraben free. Key ingredients include soybean oil, coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter and chemical-free zinc oxide, a natural ingredient that provides protection from the sun by acting as a physical barrier against harmful rays.
BUDDHA BALM is available at Bed Bath &
Beyond and at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of less than $4.


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