Clarisonic Skin Care Brush Review

Our skin is perhaps the largest organ we have. We’re all looking for that Holy Grail when it comes to skincare! The Miracle Cure! Does it exist, do we NEED to spend hundreds of dollars on sessions at the Spa? NOT necessarily! We can achieve some pretty good results doing things at home.

Throughout the past decade, things have changed in the world of skincare. There are many products and tools on the market today that are relatively inexpensive to buy and have some great results. One of them happens to be the Clarisonic Skin Care System.

I started using the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush back in January for about a week and then sort of put it on hold for a while, that is until recently.

I have been using it for almost 3 weeks now and in this short period of time I have noticed a difference in my complexion. Instead of looking dull, it is now glowing and it feels so rejuvenated. Before I put my makeup on in the morning, I use my Clarisonic to prep my skin. Since I've begun doing this, I have noticed that my foundation goes on smoother and looks flawless.

It does a fantastic job of removing all of my makeup. Plus it helps slough off all those dead skin cells. I've been using those microdermabrasion creams but have decided I don't need to use them anymore. The Clarisonic does just as good of a job exfoliating if not better, plus it's gentler on the skin. I haven't had any skin flare-ups or irritation occur. My skin looks and feels so much healthier than it's felt or looked in a long time! It is now a must-have in my beauty routine.
Yes it's a bit pricey but so worth every penny! Plus, it's a great investment!


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