12 Best Products for Instantly Gorgeous Nails

Got dry cuticles, hangnails, or chipped polish? See the products that'll cure these and all of your nail ailments now

12 Best Products for Instantly Gorgeous Nails
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Think all nail products are the same? Think again. Susan Nam, celebrity manicurist and owner of Polished Beauty Bar in New York City, tells us that ingredients and quality are key when you're aiming for perfect nails. See the products that'll get you there.
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"You just open [the jar], stick your fingertip inside the sponge, and twist. Then voilĂ ! You're done! So quick and easy, and SO nice not to have a drippy mess."
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"It conditions my cuticles almost instantly, and is preventing my usual hangnails and peeling fingertips."
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"I've been plagued by hangnails essentially for my entire life. My cuticles and the skin around the nail beds were chronically dry, cracked, and horrible. But that is all behind me thanks to this amazing stuff."
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