LORAC Wild For TANtalizer Collection Swatches and Review

Unleash your wild side with LORAC's Wild For TANtalizer Collection! I picked this up from Sephora the other day and loved it so much that I bought another one for myself and one for my daughter. Why two you ask? Well for one thing, this is Limited Edition and I fell in love with everything and thought what in the world would I do if I couldn't get this again. I would be devastated! So that's why I purchased two for myself. I'm definitely a LORAC fan and have been for sometime now. Everything I purchase from this brand I love. The quality is excellent and the colors are always gorgeous. Their eyeshadows are the best and are heavily pigmented, easy to work with and they have long lasting coverage.

The eyeshadow Wild For TANtilizer palette in this set consists of 4 warm shimmering gold and bronze colors that are perfect for a bronze smokey eye look. The animal print Wild For TANtalizer face bronzer is gorgeous and can be used on your cheeks, chin, shoulders, collarbone and decollete for a fierce bronze glow. It's not a very dark shade at all but adds a nice sunkissed glow to the skin.

I especially love the lipgloss RAOUL, a warm peachy-bronze shade that looks so good on the lips especially if you have a tan. It smells and tastes yummy to. All three products come in a cute exotic canvas animal print bag.

This is a perfect summer set to get. It's also a great value to at only $39. ($130 SRP)So worth the money!

Top to Bottom: Fierce, Panthera, Tigris, Saber


One more thing...I bought this myself. ;)


Abryda said...

Love it too. I just might need another one also.

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